The Benefits of Working With a Recruiter to Find Employment

Using an effective sales employment recruiter is a time and money saving tool for both the company and the candidate. In the game of sales, open positions will generally need to be filled quickly, to avoid a loss in sales and new client acquisition. A skilled sales manager knows that time is money, and that searching for a candidate can have an immediate impact on the business. Likewise, candidates trying to make their way into the world of automotive sales may find it difficult to find the right company where they can add value and earn a respectable living. By working with Sales Professionals of America Recruiting we bridge the gap between highly skilled candidates and reputable companies.

How to Find, Motivate, and Keep Good Sales People

Every company promoting products to people and businesses are searching for quality sales talent to use their talents with their organization. Most concentrate on hiring the person with the most experience or with a certain amount of time spent with each company they’ve worked with. As a sales recruiter, my responsibility is to find the best business development, account managers or sales professionals for my clients. However, many companies do not have the necessary tools available to make even the best sales professional successful once they join their sales team.

How to Start Your Career Over and Be Successful

Starting a new career could be one of the best decisions you make in your life. It may also seem to be one of the scariest things you’ve done recently. This article will help you take a self-inventory and doing some basic preparation will make a big difference in the way you view yourself and as a result how successful you become. Here are five tips to help you weave your way through your transition.

1. Focus on your “transferable skills.

Good Sales People Are not Born They’re Developed

Good Sales People

Training budgets have been cut back to the bone to preserve cash flow in these challenging economic times, so we cross our fingers and hope that good sales people are born and all we need to do is find them and recruit them!

One major obstacle is that often good sales people tend to stay loyal to their employer and rarely come on to the open market. If they do move, they tend to via the unadvertised market through referral and word of mouth. So it seems logical to ‘make’ or develop good sales people ourselves.

The Myth of Hiring Experienced Sales People at the Dealership

The Myth of Hiring Experienced Sales People

When most companies hire sales people, the major criteria usually includes having some years of experience selling in the same or a similar industry, and a good track record of good sales results.

However, if you were to look closer, these are not the critical success factors that will determine if the sales person will deliver results for you.

One key reason is that the market place that we are operating in is constantly changing. You will notice that:
• Customers are getting more and more demanding and knowledgeable;
• Competition is getting more and more intense;
• The things you sell are getting more and more complex, etc.

How to Develop a Winning Sales Team from the Ground Up

Developing Sales Team

What defines a great sales professional?

Great sales professionals consistently meet or exceed their sales targets, generate substantial profits, and develop a huge customer following. Great sales professionals believe in themselves and act in a confident manner, thereby instilling confidence in their customers. They know how to build immediate rapport with prospective buyers, qualify them, and make a great presentation after discovering their needs, desires, and financial constraints. They understand the importance of taking the customer out on a test drive, so they can strengthen their relationship and address the customer’s “hot buttons.” They are very good at negotiating and closing deals, but they also know that selling doesn’t end with the sale. They take great pains to ensure a perfect delivery, and they follow-up frequently with their buyers to ensure customer satisfaction, generate repeat business, and solicit referrals.

Tracking Sales Training Increases Profits at the Dealership

Why is the turnover of sale people so high in the automotive industry?

How Sales Training at the Dealership Will Increase Productivity

Automotive Sales Training

One of the quickest ways for dealerships to increase efficiency is to have all new hires properly trained and educated on the process of helping someone buy a vehicle. The is a costly error to ignore because every time another sales team member or management has to stop working to show a green pea where the dealer keys are, how to do a proper walk around, or just to motivate them to be mentally strong that lost production to the dealership. At most dealerships time is money so the quicker the new sales professional is educated in the proper process for success in automotive sales the better it is for the client, the dealership, and the sales professional because the more efficient the process the greater the odds of helping someone by a vehicle.

How to Build a Winning and Profitable Team at the Dealership

Imagine having a sales team loaded with top producers; your department would consistently exceed their annual goals and generate new business while retaining valued customers. You would have a sales team praised by your executives and envied by your competitors!
Here’s how to build your top team:

In a recent survey, 80% of respondents indicated that the quality of those hired is the single most important determinant of a sales department’s success. This makes sense when you think about the sales stars you’ve worked with in past.  They are usually highly-motivated, industrious people who continually strive and exceed their numbers even in the toughest conditions. Loading your team with people of this caliber can substantially improve overall sales performance.

How to Increase Profits at the Dealership Using Recruiters

Dealerships around the country spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to attract people to their dealership that are looking to buy a vehicle and it’s important that these opportunities are maximized or the dealership loses. The internet has leveled the playing field in favor of the buyer and they know everything about the vehicle including features, rebates, and price before they step onto the lot. One of the concerns most dealerships share is finding ambitious, positive thinking, and driven people with credible character and high integrity to help the nice people that are at the dealership looking to buy. A successful sales team must understand the psychology of selling and how vital it is to be customer focused because today’s buyer has many options but in the end it all comes down to who gives the highest level of customer service.