How to Find, Motivate, and Keep Good Sales People


Dealerships around the country spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to attract people to their dealership that are looking to buy a vehicle and it’s important that these opportunities are maximized or the dealership loses. The internet has leveled the playing field in favor of the buyer and they know everything about the vehicle including features, rebates, and price before they step onto the lot. One of the concerns most dealerships share is finding ambitious, positive thinking, and driven people with credible character and high integrity to help the nice people that are at the dealership looking to buy. A successful sales team must understand the psychology of selling and how vital it is to be customer focused because today’s buyer has many options but in the end it all comes down to who gives the highest level of customer service.

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How to Start Your Career Over and Be Successful


Starting a new career could be one of the best decisions you make in your life. It may also seem to be one of the scariest things you’ve done recently. This article will help you take a self-inventory and doing some basic preparation will make a big difference in the way you view yourself and as a result how successful you become. Here are five tips to help you weave your way through your transition.

1. Focus on your “transferable skills.”

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The Benefits for Employers Working with Recruiters

Benefits of employers working with a recruited

Using an effective sales employment recruiter is a time and money saving tool for both the company and the candidate. In the game of sales, open positions will generally need to be filled quickly, to avoid a loss in sales and new client acquisition. A skilled sales manager knows that time is money, and that searching for a candidate can have an immediate impact on the business. Likewise, candidates trying to make their way into the world of automotive sales may find it difficult to find the right company where they can add value and earn a respectable living. By working with Sales Professionals of America Recruiting we bridge the gap between highly skilled candidates and reputable companies.

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How to Manifest the Life That You Want

Manifest the Life You Want

Do you find yourself constantly knocking on the door of success looking for a way to get in? Are you caught up in a revolving door that continues to spin around and around like a carousel

When you take stock of your life, do you feel like you should be further than where you are now?

A short time ago, I looked at my goals. Those of you that know how I am, might agree that I am a dreamer. I have BIG goals and dreams. But every once in a while I have moments when I, too, am frustrated. I feel like I am sitting in a car full of gas but unable to put my foot on the success accelerator so I am sitting in one place.

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How to Use Positive Thoughts to Change Negative Feelings


You can change your life by reading, applying,
and persistently following the path to success.

Our current living conditions, money, and relationships are the products of the type of attitude we’ve have throughout our lives so it is important to examine our attitudes, whether they be positive and negative, to discover what type of affect they are having on our lives. This is extremely critical if you want to maximize the potential that is inside of you, a potential remains unnoticed by a high percentage of men and women all around over the world.

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How to Interview Great and Get Hired


You can start nailing interview, getting hired for
more pay, and live a better life by reading this!

To increase your chances of succeeding in today’s job market it’s extremely important to make a powerful impression in your job interview to stand out from other candidates. A well structured and relevant resume that can be scanned, a professional, specific cover letter, and the required qualifications are one part of the process. Once you get in the door its all about how you present yourself in the interview. It’s common for many to think of an interview as a simple conversation and lose sight of the importance of being properly prepared. This is a huge mistake and has costs a lot of people good opportunities for employment. To showcase your talent in the most effective way follow these three tips for preparing and presenting an interview that stands out from the pack.

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3 Tips to Be a Successful Leader

Be a Successful Leader

Did you know that to be a successful leader you have to be a great follower?

Managing Your Responsibilities To Be a Successful Leader

With great power, most certainly great responsibility will follow. When you assume the role as “the leader”, you attain the power. You are seen as the most capable among peers which is a very flattering compliment. You receive the authority to give others orders. But as the leader, there is also expectation for you to accomplish many things. Your mind has countless things to focus on. You have to manage a team of adults with egos, attitudes, expectations. Your hands are full. Time is steadily moving and the pressure gets to some but your responsibility is to learn how to avoid that catastrophe.

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