11 Tips to Help Your Sales Team Sell More Vehicles

Car Sales Techniques

11 Tips to Get More People to Buy Vehicles From Your Dealership

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Do you lose money hiring new salespeople at the dealership that
struggle and eventually quit? Below are 10 tips that are helping
dealerships decrease turnover and increase productivity and profits.

When I started in the car business almost 13 years ago, I was thrown to the wolves. The training I received was a joke, the only close I learned was “If I could do this, would you do that…”, the only thing I knew how to do was to selling on price and quite frankly, I SUCKED! Later, I was hired at a Chevy dealership and had a great manager that took me under his wing and taught me a few good techniques that changed my career. I am going to share some of these with you.

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How to Develop A Millionaire Mind to Achieve Success

Develop Your Millionaire MindSo what is the Millionaire Mind? Well it’s quite simple. The Millionaire Mind is a magnificent understanding of the Mechanics of Money and how it is made. The majority of people believe money is green pieces of paper in the form of the dollar used to buy products. But, that is a very confined and insignificant definition which is the cause of the limited knowledge about the essence of money. The amount of money you make is a excellent indicator of your understanding or consciousness of it. Increase your knowledge and understanding about money and surely you’ll attract more of it. That is a Universal Law that is perfect infinitely the “Law of Wealth”. It is the order of the Universe. If you think of everything as energy; actually, energy in motion, deepening your knowledge of Money is a easy as 1-2-3. Riches comes to you as energy, as an exchange of the energy you put out for it and has direct ties to your feelings about yourself and your beliefs about how to become rich. For example, If you believe that the only way you can make money is by working a 9-5 job, then you will direct your energy to working the 9-5 job, which most likely comes from the belief that”To make money you have to work extremely hard.” The employment system is rigged up that way, many spend most of their life swapping hours for dollars. How many people have you heard of that became rich by working a typical 9-5 job?

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How to Manifest the Life That You Want

Manifest the Life You Want

Do you find yourself constantly knocking on the door of success looking for a way to get in? Are you caught up in a revolving door that continues to spin around and around like a carousel When you take stock of your life, do you feel like you should be further than where you are now? A short time ago, I looked at my goals. Those of you that know how I am, might agree that I am a dreamer. I have BIG goals and dreams. But every once in a while I have moments when I, too, am frustrated. I feel like I am sitting in a car full of gas but unable to put my foot on the success accelerator so I am sitting in one place.

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Why Some Dealerships Continue to Struggle While Others Shine

Your Dealership could double it’s sales simply by making one smart, safe, and money saving decision. Read on and benefit like many other Dealerships Nationwide.

Like any other industry, progression is the tool for success and resistance to progression is the instrument for destruction. Why is it that the automotive industry struggles to realize that old processes are no longer relevant to today’s consumers? Today’s customers are more intelligent, technological, and scared than ever before. Today’s work force are today’s consumers as well, which means that the concerns of the consumers are the same concerns of the staff. This means that a lot of people are nervous, unsure of the future, and are always looking for things to go bad. These are the same people that are looking for a J.O.B (Just Over Broke) and are nervous, unsure, and looking for things not to work. Yet these are the people that are hired by the dealership to help potential clients?

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Benefits of Working with Sales Recruiters to Find Employment


Using an effective sales employment recruiter is a time and money saving tool for both the company and the candidate. In the game of sales, open positions will generally need to be filled quickly, to avoid a loss in sales and new client acquisition. A skilled sales manager knows that time is money, and that searching for a candidate can have an immediate impact on the business. Likewise, candidates trying to make their way into the world of automotive sales may find it difficult to find the right company where they can add value and earn a respectable living. By working with Brian Maxwell it bridges the gap between highly skilled candidates and reputable companies.

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How to Start Your Career Over and Be Successful


Starting a new career could be one of the best decisions you make in your life. It may also seem to be one of the scariest things you’ve done recently. This article will help you take a self-inventory and doing some basic preparation will make a big difference in the way you view yourself and as a result how successful you become. Here are five tips to help you weave your way through your transition.

1. Focus on your “transferable skills.”

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Great Sales People Aren’t Born They’re Made


Training budgets have been cut back to the bone to preserve cash flow in these challenging economic times, so we cross our fingers and hope that good sales people are born and all we need to do is find them and recruit them!

One major obstacle is that often good sales people tend to stay loyal to their employer and rarely come on to the open market. If they do move, they tend to via the unadvertised market through referral and word of mouth. So it seems logical to ‘make’ or develop good sales people ourselves.

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The Myth of Hiring Experienced Sales People


When most companies hire sales people, the major criteria usually includes having some years of experience selling in the same or a similar industry, and a good track record of good sales results.

However, if you were to look closer, these are not the critical success factors that will determine if the sales person will deliver results for you.

One key reason is that the market place that we are operating in is constantly changing. You will notice that:
• Customers are getting more and more demanding and knowledgeable;
• Competition is getting more and more intense;
• The things you sell are getting more and more complex, etc.

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How to Build a Winning Team Atmosphere

Teamwork with blue marker

Imagine having a sales team loaded with top producers; your department would consistently exceed their annual goals and generate new business while retaining valued customers. You would have a sales team praised by your executives and envied by your competitors!
Here’s how to build your top team:

In a recent survey, 80% of respondents indicated that the quality of those hired is the single most important determinant of a sales department’s success. This makes sense when you think about the sales stars you’ve worked with in past.  They are usually highly-motivated, industrious people who continually strive and exceed their numbers even in the toughest conditions. Loading your team with people of this caliber can substantially improve overall sales performance.

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How to Decrease Turnover and Increase Profits at the Dealership


Why is the turnover of sale people so high in the automotive industry? I’ve spoken with Dealer Groups, Dealer Principles, General Managers, and Sales Managers and posed the question “Why do you believe the turnover at your store is so high?” Many believe it’s the nature of the industry, others feel that it’s necessary to find that diamond in the rough, and others believe that people are lazier and possess a sense of entitlement and hard work is frowned upon. While all of these have some truth in them I decided to dig further and spent months speaking with successful producers in the industry and the fly by night people that didn’t last long and the discovery was astounding, here’s why. Of the group of the short timers I discovered that many felt like once they were hired that they were given online certification training and a few brochures and then told to go out there and be successful. But if they were negative and doubtful about their ability before they were hired they will still be that way except now their doubt and fear will cost the dealership money!

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